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King of Chaos by Ookami-95
King of Chaos
Credit to :icondfectivedvice: for the original sketch

I made this for my friends birthday. He liked the original sketch and wanted me to colorize it for him, I never got around to do it so I made it his birthday present.
Also not dead! That's positive right?

Featured in EqD: Drawfriend #1457…
Drama Queen by Ookami-95
Drama Queen
Credit to An Obvious Decoy for the original sketch

I feel like it's been awile since I posted something Rarity so here you go.
The Cherry Princess by Ookami-95
The Cherry Princess
Credit to :iconlonginius-ii: for the original sketch

Well this is long overdue, I had this on hold for a very long time because I had started on too many projects at a time. But here it is, finaly.
Please forgive the lazy shading, I fucked up my knee so I'm stuck in bed and I can't use my tablet properly.
The Sorceresses by Ookami-95
The Sorceresses
Credit to :iconan-obvious-decoy: for the original sketch

It's been awhile since I created something in one sitting feels nice actually.
I did this in 15 hours and no sleep it took a bit longer time since I don't have a tablet at the moment and I had to do it with the mouse.
Sooo.... I got a bit side tracked and by a bit I mean a lot. I have been lazy to be honest I got several projects which I can never seem to finish and my tumblr page is a mess. It was only supposed to be a different page where I posted my art, but I fucked up that didn't I? So I made a new tumblr blog and it's only for stuff I made, teasers and I will answer questions asked by you guys.

So if you guys are still reading you find it here --> hopefully I will get back on track
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EqDBot Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  New member
You were featured 1 time in this Equestria Daily Post… Thank you for providing quality material for all of us to enjoy :)
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happy birthday! :D
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